Resident Advisor Kits Are Here!


A resident advisor (RA) is someone who cares for the constant improvement of life for those around them. Whether it be a student looking for a tutor, a resident trying to deal with depression, or a friend who has nowhere else to turn for help, resident advisors attempt to raise people up and improve their quality of living. However, not only are they aides for those seeking their assistant, but they are role models, counselors, and teachers. Resident advisors leave a lasting impact on all those who pass through the halls—whether that impact be good or bad is dependent upon the RA.

The purpose of SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative RA Kits is to equip RA’s with information and resources on how to counsel women in crisis pregnancies, provide information on policies and resources to inform student residents, and to provide quality programming to RA’s to present to their residents.

These kits can be fully downloaded online for FREE!! All you have to do is press ‘print’! Your Students for Life group should make sure each Resident Advisor on your campus gets one these Kits at the start of this school year!

Through these kits, we hope to instill a passion and a respect for Life within the residence halls by means of those who lead on a daily basis. Some of the many resources available in these kits include: pro-life information for RAs; fully created “hall programs” and materials; and resources/handouts to be given to pregnant and parenting students. The resources and programs cover topics such as abortion procedures, healthy relationship advice, stages of fetal development, adoption resources, and tips for how to handle pregnancy—before and after the choice for life.

If you would like to order 1 hard-copy kit or have any questions about the RA Kits or SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative, please feel free to contact Beth O’Malley, at [email protected]