Are America’s colleges delivering?


Delivering resources to students in need that is!

Now, of course, the majority of our nation’s colleges provide centers and resources for students, such as disabled learning, counseling, and health facilities. In fact, colleges have become well equipped to handle almost ANY problem or issue students may face that pose a challenge to obtaining a college degree. Mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual – you name it – colleges have become increasingly aware of the need to provide support and guidance to students facing challenging circumstances.

However, what occurs when a student comes to the administration with a circumstance that affects her mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual life?

Are colleges prepared to handle the inevitable – a woman asking for help and guidance during a pregnancy?

The overwhelming answer to this question has been a resounding NO.

The sad fact is that the majority of colleges in America are ill-prepared to handle a student who comes to them asking for help during a pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Look no further than Feminists for Life’s Pregnancy Resource Survey to find clear proof:

In November 2007, Feminists for Life and Students for Life of America asked 400 pro-life student leaders to put themselves in the shoes of a pregnant or parenting student. Could these activists—who were not feeling the shock of facing an unplanned pregnancy, whose predisposition was to find help for a woman considering abortion and to support parenting students—find the basic resources needed for a pregnant woman to have her baby and continue her education, and for a parenting student to get that all-important degree?

According to the results of the survey, “The responses to FFL’s Survey reveal hard truths about the situation for pregnant and parenting students on campus: either there is a genuine lack of resources on campus, or there is ignorance about existing resources—even among student activists who are most vested in supporting services for pregnant and parenting students. Whether it is a lack of resources or ignorance, the result is the same from students’ perspectives. Pregnant and parenting students do not see themselves as welcomed or supported on college campuses.”

For a detailed look at the survey:

Feminists For Life & Students for Life have united to promote this important survey on college campuses. If you or your group would like to take this survey, please click here.

Information collected through the survey will be shared through FFL’s National Campus Resource Directory.  As with the previous survey, Feminists for Life also plans to reveal the survey results in a study.

I encourage ALL student pro-life groups to take this brief, yet vitally important survey and email me or FFL’s Sally Winn to share your results!

The facts are clear: America’s colleges are not providing the necessary resources for pregnant/parenting students. Nor are they addressing this vital issue on their campus. It’s now time to begin to hold them accountable and demand that they become prepared.