Pregnant Students Not Welcome


Great article about SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative! Check it out:

Pregnant Students Not Welcome?

“When Fordham University student Eleanor Todd found out during her junior year she was pregnant, she knew dropping out of school wasn’t an option. She didn’t want to get an abortion either. But she realized keeping her baby and staying in class would be hard, and Fordham didn’t make it any easier.

During her pregnancy, Todd sought help from the student health center. The nurses didn’t have information ready for student moms, and Todd found out most of what she needed to know, like how to get proper health care, by asking questions. The school, which doesn’t have options for family housing, also kicked her out of her dorm and took away her housing scholarship.

Problems like the ones Todd faced may point to one reason why 46 percent of abortions in America are preformed on college-aged women, according to the Guttmacher Institute – too many women think they must choose between having a baby and getting an education…”