Envision a World Without Abortion


If you were not able to attend the inspiring Students for Life National Conference last weekend – you can watch the replay here.

The theme of our sold out conference was “Envision a World Without Abortion.” It is ESSENTIAL to be able to envision a world where abortion does not legally exist in order to abolish abortion.  We must be able to picture what this world without legalized abortion would look like – that way we can put the appropriate support structures in our communities and campuses. Then women will never have to choose between abortion and continuing their education when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Here is a little snippet of what Kristan Hawkins, the Executive Director of SFL, has to say of envisioning a world without abortion

“So how do you envision a world without abortion? Think about a society in which all life is treated as a precious gift. Where women and families in crisis can turn to community- and government-supported pregnancy-help centers and their church family for support. Where our political leaders respect life, and political parties try to prove who is more pro-life. Where adoption is tagged as a positive and brave option, and birth mothers are celebrated. Where Hollywood and the music industry promote life. Where no woman ever feels forced to choose abortion for the sake of her education, career, or family.”

What a BEAUTIFUL image!  We can begin to make this a reality by putting resources for pregnant and parenting women on campus – through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative!

Check out the rest of the article here.