Feminists for Life Spring Speaking Tour


If you haven’t been able to afford to bring a Feminists for Life speaker to your campus, we may have the answer! When multiple schools are combined into a speaking “tour” we are able to cut costs to the individual schools.  If you are in an area of the country, for instance California, where you can connect with other pro-life groups, we can build another tour there–or anywhere

For example, in mid-March 2012, FFL’s Sally Winn will be in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. If your school is in one of those states, you can host Sally at a significantly reduced cost. FFL’s President Serrin M. Foster will be traveling by train across portions of the Midwest this spring. If you are near Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Indianapolis, or another city along that Amtrak route, Serrin may be able to add an event for your campus

FFL has also found individual donors who are very interested in helping make an FFL event a reality for your campus by offering partial or full assistance with the honorarium.

If you’re fortunate enough to live near one of our speakers, costs are GREATLY reduced. Students in Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Ohio, Montana, Idaho, and Washington should contact us to find out more about how to make an FFL event happen at a fraction of the normal cost.

We know you want to create real, lasting change on your campus – and FFL has been doing just that on campuses since 1994. If you’d like for us to show you how to challenge the status quo and push for pregnant and parenting student resources on your campus, the time is NOW.

For more information on planning events or what FFL can help your group accomplish, email FFL’s College Outreach at [email protected].