Funding Proposal for Pregnant on Campus Intiative


Are you interested in creating a real and lasting change on your campus?  Is your group participating in the Pregnant on Campus (PoC) Initiative?  Do you need help raising the money to make your project a reality?

The mission of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative is to create a real impact on college campuses by creating pregnant and parenting resources to those students who need them. When we create a loving and supportive environment on campuses we provide a real choice when these women find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations.  The PoC Initiative offers many projects that your group can choose to participate in to help these women including: Diaper Decks, Pregnant and Parenting Assistance Fund, Lactation Rooms, Daycare or Housing for Pregnant and Parenting Students.

In order to achieve this vision on campus, especially with the larger projects, your group will most likely be in need of financial resources.  Since finances are usually an obstacle for student groups – Students for Life (SFLA) wants to help ensure your group raises the money you need by offering resources that will help you obtain your budget for your project.

The first step is for your group is to create a budget for your proposed project.  Once that is completed SFLA’s Development Director, Maria Ciarrocchi can assist you in figuring out the best way to raise the funds.  She has the knowledge and experience to help take the fear out of fundraising and help your group attain its goals in the way that works best for the resources you have available.  SLFA is also offering an opportunity for full or partial matching grants on a case by case basis for your project.  Once your budget and goals have been created our resources are here to help you attain your fundraising goal.

To get started on fundraising – please contact Maria at [email protected] or 571-379-7261.

If you are interested in participating in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative please contact Beth O’Malley at [email protected] or 571-379-7261.