Help Mothers on Your College Campus!


College is a time when relationships are being explored, tested, and tried. While there can be great joy found in the growth of these relationships, there are also great obstacles when a young woman becomes pregnant during college. Pregnant and parenting students are caught in a dilemma where they feel forced to choose between their education and their child. Furthermore, college campuses and communities have all too often failed to provide a supportive environment for pregnant mothers and parenting students. Resources are limited and difficult to access, and school policies may lack compassion and understanding.

Unfortunately, 46% of abortions in the US are performed on college-aged women. Despite the thriving pro-life movement, young women are still deceived into believing that they cannot have both education and motherhood. To respond to this dire problem, SFLA is encouraging students to join in our Pregnant on Campus Initiative. The Pregnant on Campus Initiative can help provide a vision and plan for your student pro-life group to create sustainable service projects to help women and families on campus and in the community.

Pregnant on Campus offers one-to-one support from the SFLA staff as your group shapes your campus into a life-affirming environment. As we work with you throughout the school year, we will help you plan and successfully execute projects that will inform and assist women in your community.

Not sure where to start? The Pregnant on Campus website offers so much for you to learn and to do! We have information on adoption, counseling, scholarships, insurance, housing, and more! Also, SFLA has created easy guides to help you get involved in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. Check out our simple and advanced activities! You may choose a simple project, such as distributing free pregnancy tests, or you may want to organize a more ambitious project, such as the construction of a maternity home.

Students for Life of America wants you to join in our mission to aid pregnant and parenting students. We want to work with you to transform your campus into a supportive home for young mothers and fathers!

Are you interested in joining the Pregnant on Campus Initiative? Contact Beth O’Malley and find out what steps you can take to make your campus more supportive of pregnant and parenting students! Email Beth at [email protected] or call our SFLA office (571-379-7261).

  • Schedule a strategic meeting
  • Request FREE Trainings
  • Access to free flyers, resources, and activities
  • Get your own Pregnant on Campus website with links to nearby Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • Receive media coverage when each project is completed

Through our persistent efforts, we can together reduce abortion rates on college campuses and compassionately reach out to pregnant and parenting students!