Main Objection 1: I don’t see any pregnant/parenting students on campus. What good will new resources do?


Over the next few blog posts, I will address some common objections both students and administrators raise as to the importance and necessity of resources on campus for pregnant and parenting students.
These are common questions I receive from student groups who are wary of throwing their full energy and support behind something they do not automatically identify as a problem.

Let’s start with the 1st Main Objection: I don’t see any pregnant/parenting students on campus. Where are all the pregnant students? What good will new resources do?

In other words, how can we address an issue that we don’t even SEE to be an issue on our campus?

This is perhaps the most common question asked by students and even administrators when I introduce Pregnant on Campus and it is a legitimate question. But lets take a look at the facts:

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, approximately 46% of abortions in America are performed on college-aged women.

This alarming statistic is why SFLA created the Initiative. When women are in an unintended or crisis pregnancy, they feel as if they only have 2 options: a) discontinue her education and drop out of college to raise her child or b) have an abortion in order to continue her education.

Due to the severe lack of resources, women feel they simply cannot muster the effort or resources that will enable them to receive an education while parenting. To them, keeping her child while receiving an education seems impossible – it is a mountain too large to climb – and they wonder how they would be able to do it all.

This is why 46% of abortions are performed on college-aged women. That statistic is why we rarely see pregnant or parenting students on campus. It is not because there aren’t any pregnant women, it is because the majority of women are having an abortion.

You may ask: How do you know women are getting pregnant on campus? Let’s look at another fact

– According to a 1995 study by the Center for Disease Control, approximately 79.5% of college students (aged 18-24) have reported to have had sexual intercourse. Out of that 79.5 % approximately 2.2% have gotten pregnant. See the report here.

That may not sound like an alarming number of college students getting pregnant. However, lets break this down a bit.

Students do not always use contraception during sexual intercourse. Condoms fail about 20% of the time – they are effective, but not foolproof. Further, even if a woman is taking oral contraceptives every day, there is STILL a chance she will get pregnant. (Might I add that that the pill is a Group 1 carcinogen and a “Molotov cocktail” for breast cancer)

Breaking the statistics down further, if there are 8100 students on any given campus, with almost 80% engaging in sexual intercourse and 2.2% getting pregnant, then according to those statistics, around 142 students become pregnant each year. That is more than a handful of students.

Imagine the amount of pregnant students on a campus with double or triple the number I proposed.

If all 142 students decided to keep their child then colleges would have to create a center primarily for pregnant and parenting students.

In 1995 there were 400 less colleges in America than there are today. Students are still engaging in sexual intercourse and the majority of pregnant women in college are having abortions.

So, lets answer a few questions:

Q: Are there any pregnant and parenting students on campus?

A: Yes, there are…but the majority of those who become pregnant are having abortions

Q: What good will new resources do?

A: Resources on campus will show that your group supports these students and will let them know that there is help for them. It empowers them to reach for their goals and assists them in receiving a college education while raising their child.

Q: Is it necessary and important to provide resources for pregnant and parenting students on campus?

A: If not now, then when? Now is the time to equip fellow students and peers with the resources necessary to help them choose life and receive an education while parenting. Now is the time to make the seemingly impossible, POSSIBLE. By providing essential and simple resources your pro-life group can save lives and serve and empower pregnant and parenting students on your campus.


This objection can be a legitimate question…yet if college campuses truly want to serve and aid women, then they ought to provide the necessary resources to help them through a pregnancy and beyond in order so they may receive a college education.