Picking Up The Pieces


As many of you know, we lost our dear friend Jon in October due to sustained injuries from a car crash he was in while coming home from a regional SFL event.

I am blessed to be able to continue Jon’s work regarding the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. It is an honor to continue the work he was so passionate about – making college campuses friendlier to pregnant and parenting students. It’s a wonderful way to honor the life of such a great man.

Jon had been talking with many of our Students for Life groups to get them involved and excited about changing their campuses to help make pregnant and parenting students feel more supported and cared for.  He created many guides on simple and advanced activities for groups to initiate on their campuses.

Jon spoke about the lack of pregnant women on campus and how this relates to the fact that many women either feel pressured to drop out of school or have an abortion because of the lack of sufficient resources provided to them on their campus.  We need to sufficiently support these women on campus by providing them with resources that empower them to be a successful parenting college student.

Before working at SFLA, I worked at Maggie’s Place, a home for pregnant women that were alone and in need of support.  The women I worked with there had made the courageous choice to choose life for their child, however, many of them had a hard time staying in school after giving birth.  Their campuses did not have the resources to enable them to stay in school and obtain an education in order to provide for their children.  It is essential that we show love for these women by supporting them on campus so we can save them and their child from the hurt of abortion.

We need to make college campuses supportive and loving environments for these women that find themselves in crisis pregnancies so they feel empowered to choose life.  We can do this in many different ways, whether it includes installing diaper decks, organizing parenting support groups, starting scholarship funds for parenting students or creating affordable daycare options on campus.

I am here to offer the same support that Jon provided: strategic planning meetings, resources, advice, encouragement, trainings and more. Please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 571-379-7261, I would love to help assist you to empower pregnant and parenting students on your campus.

Please note: As of October 2012, our new Pregnant on Campus Coordinator is Beth O’Malley. Please contact Beth at [email protected] or (571)379-7261.