We Challenge YOU!


Wilberforce- FanaticIt’s a new school year! Get your group off to a great start by accepting the Pregnant on Campus® Challenge!

This Fall, our team is challenging your group to get involved in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative® by completing our Challenge. If you follow these 4 Steps to the Challenge, your group can earn an awesome group prize!

Show your campus that your group is serious about helping pregnant and parenting students!

What’s Involved?

If you complete the next 4 steps and turn in a filled out Challenge Application (see below), then we’ll send your group this awesome prize:

  • 5 “Pregnant? Need Help?” t-shirts
  • 100 Pregnant on Campus® drop cards
  • 100 Pregnant on Campus® outreach cards
  • 100 Pregnant on Campus® customized student group cards (featuring your group’s contact and resources information!)

Step 1: Notify your Regional Coordinator

Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator! Tell them that your group will be participating in the Pregnant on Campus® Challenge. If you need a little extra help, ask your Regional Coordinator to help you brainstorm ideas and plan effectively for this Challenge.

Step 2: Plan and complete 2 Pregnant on Campus® events

Taking action is a huge part of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative®. If you want to transform your campus to be life-affirming, you have to get out there and do something. We challenge you to complete 2 Pregnant on Campus® events between August 30th and November 1st. Stop wasting time on Facebook and Netflix, and go do something that makes a real difference in people’s lives!

Step 3: Advertise your Pregnant on Campus® resources

Effective marketing of resources will ensure that students are aware of the wide range of support available. Plus, you will be able to get the word out on campus that your group is the “go-to” group for pregnancy and parenting support!

We challenge you to complete 5 advertisement efforts. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Advertisement efforts must be completed between August 30th and November 1st.
  • Advertisement can be done in the form of social media posting, chalking displays, flyering, and tabling.
  • Your advertisement effort cannot count as both an event (under Step 2) and a advertisement.

For a social media post to count, the post must:

  • be posted on a public social media account (e.g. your group’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account),
  • advertise a pregnancy/parenting resource,
  • include an image (or video), and
  • list contact information for a local resource (e.g. your group’s email, phone number for local pregnancy resource center, website for local adoption agency).

Find more marketing ideas here, and get the word out!

Step 4: Submit resources for your campus’ Pregnant on Campus® resources page

We need the help of student groups, like you, to update our 540+ campus resources pages on the Pregnant on Campus® website! To meet the “Submit resources” requirement, please complete a Resources Survey found here. This step will help your group better familiarize yourselves with available resources, and it will help our team better serve you by creating and updating a  comprehensive campus webpage for you to promote!

(P.S. If your group has completed and submitted a Resources Survey in a past semester, that counts!)

Ready. Set. Go!

Best of luck on your efforts! When you have completed your Pregnant on Campus® Challenge, don’t forget to fill out and submit the Challenge Application to show that you have successfully met all the required steps. This application must be submitted no later than Sunday, November 1, 2015 to qualify for the group prize. Your application may be filled out by hand or electronically. It must be emailed to Beth Rahal (Pregnant on Campus® Coordinator) at [email protected]


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Questions? Comments? Contact Beth Rahal at [email protected] to learn more about the Pregnant on Campus Initiative®.