Welcome to the start of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative!


The Pregnant on Campus Initiative is a response to the stunning statistic that approximately 46% of abortions in America are performed on college-aged women. This comes from a study done by the Guttmacher Institute. When faced with an unintended or crisis pregnancy, many students feel forced to choose between continuing their education or raising their child. Too often, college campuses do not provide the necessary resources or environment that support pregnant and parenting students.

The Pregnant on Campus Initiative aims to address this issue by helping campus pro-life groups to create effective and lasting change on their campus. We encourage and challenge pro-life groups to address this issue on their campus by engaging in service activities geared to providing necessary resources to pregnant and parenting students.

Whether the project is creating a campus support group or installing diaper decks in bathrooms. Whether it involves establishing an Assistance Fund for Pregnant and Parenting students or securing affordable housing on campus, these projects serve a great purpose that will serve students for years to come.

The fact is that there is a severe lack of resources on campus for pregnant and parenting students. When asked if there are any resources on their campus, many students are startled and do not know how to respond.

We recently went to a college campus to see if any students could direct us to pregnant and parenting resources…check out our findings:

The facts are clear: too often, pregnant and parenting students have nowhere to turn in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. These students deserve a more supportive and life-affirming environment on their campus where services and resources are well advertised and readily available.

Students for Life of America is prepared to help student groups establish essential resources and bring effective change to campuses across America.

To find out more information of what your campus pro-life group can do and how to get involved in the Initiative, go to the Things You Can Do page.