What Resources are on Your Campus?


Resources for pregnant and parenting women – that is.  Now, of course, most of our colleges provide centers and resources for students, such as disabled learning, counseling, and health facilities.  Colleges have become well equipped to handle almost ANY problem or issue students may face that pose a challenge to obtaining a college degree including: mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.  They have adapted and created many resources to help students facing challenging circumstances.

However, are colleges prepared to handle the inevitable – a woman in a crisis pregnancy in need of support? The answer has been an overwhelming NO – Colleges are ill prepared to help a student who comes asking them for help both during a pregnancy and after.

Feminists For Life & Students for Life are uniting once again to promote the Feminists for Life Pregnancy Resource Survey once again on college campuses. This survey asks you to put yourself in the shoes of a pregnant or parenting student on campus.  If you were in this position – can you find the resources you would need on your campus to be able to continue your education and raise a child?

Last time the response to this survey was published it found that: “The responses to FFL’s Survey reveal hard truths about the situation for pregnant and parenting students on campus: either there is a genuine lack of resources on campus, or there is ignorance about existing resources—even among student activists who are most vested in supporting services for pregnant and parenting students. Whether it is a lack of resources or ignorance, the result is the same from students’ perspectives. Pregnant and parenting students do not see themselves as welcomed or supported on college campuses.”

I encourage ALL student pro-life groups to take this brief, yet vitally important survey here and email me or FFL’s Sally Winn to share your results!  If you have taken it before, I encourage you to take it again and update any resources that have been added or taken away from your campus – as they will be publishing the results at the end of this spring semester.