Who’s that guy in the video?!


After overcoming the initial shock that no one on campus could provide us with necessary information for a parent and his child, the 2nd question you may have asked yourself while watching our debut video is: Why is a male coordinating the Pregnant on Campus Initiative?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jon Scharfenberger and I am the Coordinator of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative (PoC.) I graduated from Ave Maria University this past May, where I had been President of the campus pro-life group, and am now working full-time for Students for Life of America.

Believe it or not, I asked myself the same question when I was offered an opportunity to coordinate the efforts of launching this new Initiative. I pondered why a male was chosen to launch this initiative.

To be sure, I received perplexing looks by the students as I was pushing a stroller around on campus asking very uncommon questions. See the perplexing looks! And if you are wondering whether I have found the lactation room yet, NO I have not.

As I was receiving weird and shocked looks, I realized something. As much as you almost never see a pregnant or parenting woman on campus, you absolutely never see a parenting man on campus.  Too often, the father disappears – either abandoning his pregnant girlfriend or resorting to the ‘neutral’ statement, “I’ll support whatever you decide to do.” This statement, however, is far from neutral. By refusing to take a stand you are abandoning your girlfriend to make a decision alone. Do we forget that it takes two to tango? This stance can be just as bad as pressuring a girlfriend into having an abortion.

If the mother does decide to have an abortion, not only will she suffer emotional and mental anguish, but so will the father. For every woman affected by abortion, there is also a man; both equal parents to the aborted child.

Furthermore, when college campuses work to provide resources and services on campus for pregnant and parenting students, they must note that not only do they have a responsibility to aid the mother and her child, but also the father. A family is now involved.

Let’s face it, men can often be lost in the abortion debate. Men play an intricate role in the relationship as they have a natural instinct to provide for and protect their families. In an unintended or crisis pregnancy, men must step up and assume their role as a father. They must support the mother and provide the encouragement and confidence that everything will work out, that they will be able to get an education while parenting a child, that they need not end up in despair and regret.

In a way, perhaps it helps to have a male coordinate this new project. We want to shed light on the fact that college campuses are not prepared to aid pregnant and parenting students. All three individuals: father, mother, and child, deserve to have the necessary services and resources at their disposal and we hope to achieve that through this Initiative.

Please contact me if you would like your pro-life group to participate in Pregnant on Campus!

For more information on lost fatherhood: http://www.fatherhoodforever.org/