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You may not have chosen to be here, but we have chosen to stand with you. Connect with real people who understand what an unexpected pregnancy feels like, people who will empower and lift you, people who have been where you are.

"At age twenty-one, two tiny blue lines changed my life. While fear of failure initially challenged me, I learned how to find peace with my pregnancy and embrace the selfless love of my baby girl."


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“I have to succeed in order for my son to have everything he needs. Being pregnant helped me realize that my life has a purpose and someone needs me and will always love me. That helps me continue to strive for success.”

"It was not easy being pregnant during college. However, I was lucky to be surrounded by a loving and supportive college community who truly cared about me and my baby. From my peers to my college president, the college community celebrated the life of my baby, and they welcomed her as the blessing she was.

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