Add your community resource to our national database 

Does your organization offer non-violent patient care or tangible resources to pregnant or parenting families? We welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations like yours who support these young parents by inviting you to join our online directory. When you add your organization to the Standing With You directory, you are opening a door of opportunity for young women all across America to know that there is non-violent care for her and her child.

Standing With You equips parents on campus and in the community, to create and uphold an environment of support, empowerment, resources, and to ensure pregnant and parenting student rights and success, now and in the future. Will you help us to better serve pregnant and parenting students by becoming a Standing With You Resource Provider?

To be included on our national database, your organization must:

  • Offer non-violent resources to assist pregnant or parenting families.
  • Not perform or refer for services that would endanger the life of the pregnant mother or her child.

Please submit the following:

  • Personal Information

  • Your name (Will not appear on listing.)
  • Your email for us to contact you or with questions. (Will not appear on listing.)
  • Your phone number for us to call to verify or with questions. (Will not appear on listing.)
  • Community Resource Information

    The following information WILL appear on the listing.
  • The name of the resource you are adding (e.g. name of pregnancy resource center, parent support group, adoption agency.)
  • The website for your organization (will be a link on listing)
  • An email where people can submit questions or request help.
  • Phone number people can call for more information or help.
  • Number people can SMS text to for more information or help.
  • Please tell us about the organization and the services offered.
  • Are you near or do you cater to particular college campuses? If so, list them here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.