Become a STUDENT Advocate

The Standing With You Initiative is uniquely positioned to serve high school and college-age women, who are the most targeted by the abortion industry. One in five college students are parents. We must show pregnant and parenting students that there is hope, help, and overwhelming support for them. To make this promise a reality, advocates pair activism and education with resources and outreach.

Our mission is to equip students, on campus and in the community, to create and uphold an environment of support, empowerment, resources, and to ensure pregnant and parenting student rights and success, now and in the future.

Are you a student who would like to take an active role on your campus or in your community to support your pregnant and parenting peers? 

By becoming a Standing With You Student Advocate, you will be equipped with all the resources you need to make sure no woman feels isolated when she finds out she’s pregnant. Rather, you will have everything you need to make sure each woman feels empowered to choose both her child and her education.

Students for life HQ

By visiting Students for Life HQ, you will find numerous training courses, event guides, handouts, and more to ensure that pregnant and parenting students have the resources they need to succeed and are informed of their legal rights.

Campaign for
Abortion free Cities

By joining our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, you will be trained in community outreach to build the bridge between your campus and a local Pregnancy Help Organization, helping women find the resources they need to thrive.

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Standing With You Student Group 

Standing With You student groups promote resources and help pass supportive campus policies to ensure pregnant and parenting students on their campuses have what they need to achieve success.

Standing With You Community Advocate

By joining our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, you will be trained in community outreach to build the bridge between your campus and local Pregnancy Help Organizations, educating the community and helping women find the resources they need to thrive. 

Standing With You Fellowship

The Standing With You Fellowship exists to build student leaders who will leave a legacy on their campuses through projects that will support pregnant and parenting students long term. Students will be equipped to champion Title IX rights and develop supportive, on-campus policies which will improve educational accessibility for pregnant and parenting students.

Create a Campus Resource Guide

Within our website’s location search, you can find thousands of resources that support pregnant and parenting women's educational, pregnancy, parenting, and personal needs. As a student, you can contribute to our database by completing the Campus Resource Guide which highlights resources specific to your school connecting your peers to what they need on campus.

Change Campus Policy

Do you know what happens at your school if a student becomes pregnant? Are there policies that help her choose life or would the rules make her consider abortion? You can be the change on your campus and change campus policy for the better!