Balancing Parenthood in the Workplace

Pursuing your dream career takes dedication, drive, and a lot of passion. Adding parenthood to the mix shouldn’t deter you from continuing that pursuit. Women CAN achieve success in their careers while parenting. As you venture into this journey, challenges will exist; but with the right balance and support, it is possible.

Practical Tips for Working Moms

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning ahead and scheduling time well will make all the difference as you begin to juggle a work life and parenthood. Prepare for each day the night before – put coffee grounds in the pot, lay out clothes, pack lunches and backpacks, and double check the calendar. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Create a solid support system.

Whether that is your spouse, family, community members, or church friends, making trustworthy connections can make a huge difference when your child needs a ride to school, you need to work late (or early), or you simply need someone to talk to. Knowing that you have someone to count on to help you through the challenging times will give you peace of mind.

Prioritize your goals.

As you set goals for your family and career, consider what is most important to achieve those goals. That will help you determine when it is okay to say “No” and when you should push through to achieve what you’re most passionate about. For example, if you’re up against a work deadline and the school has asked you to help organize their talent show, it’s okay to decline their request and prioritize your deadline. Then later, instead of spending time volunteering, you can focus on helping your child prepare and be sure you’re available to watch that talented kiddo perform. Your passion will bring about your successes both within your family and within your career.

Schedule quality time with your family.

Strive to have family dinners together as often as possible. This gives you a chance to ask your child(ren) about their day and get to know them better. Plan a weekly movie night where both you and your child(ren) can relax and share a laugh or two. Whether you love movies or spending time in the outdoors, creating a space for quality time with your family will not only help you grow closer as a family, but will give your brain the time to rest so that when you clock in, your creative juices will flow.

Find employers who share your values and will support you.

An employer who wants your family to succeed as much as your career is invaluable. Of course, you’ll have a job to do; but having a boss who will understand that you have to take a child to the doctor every now and then will relieve unnecessary stress for you and will allow you to focus and succeed.

Make time for yourself.

Making time for spirituality, meditation, prayer, or quiet space will help bring inner peace. Blocking out 15 to 30 minutes for a walk or jog can help you release stress. Meeting a friend for coffee or reading a book can help you maintain sanity as an adult. It seems backwards at times, but making time for yourself will give you the strength you need to navigate the twists and turns that parenthood can bring.