10 Effective Projects for Your Group


Hope Help SupportGetting engaged in pregnant and parenting outreach does not have to be complicated! Don’t talk yourself out of adding pregnancy resource projects because your group is “too busy.” Don’t overthink it! You can be very effective without creating elaborate projects. Keep it simple by committing your group to practical goals each semester. Here are easy ways that your group can get involved without too much effort!


1. Advertise pregnancy resources using social media. First of all– it’s FREE!  Secondly, social media is an easy way to spread information fast. Since the majority of college students have at least 1 social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), you can easily relay information to your peers. Post social media graphics and pregnancy help information on your group accounts, and challenge your members to post at least 1 image or message each day. You can use these images here, or you can even post these Pregnant on Campus videos here.

2. Chalk! This is another cheap and time effective event! Buy a $3 box of sidewalk chalk at your local store, and get your group together for 30mins-1hr of chalking around campus. Chalk pregnancy help information (e.g. “Pregnant? Call ____ to discuss your options.”) and positive fetal development facts (e.g. “The fetus’ heartbeat starts at about 3 weeks!”) You never know who will see your messages.

Flyer around campus to advertise your local pregnancy support organizations. Post the flyers around campus– in dorms, in academic buildings, in bathrooms, and on bulletin boards. Whether you are advertising an adoption agency or a pregnancy resource center, be sure to include such information as services, phone number, and email. Check out our available flyers here, or ask an artistic member of your group to create custom designs. Messages can include:

  • “Pregnant? You are not alone. Let’s talk about your options. Call _____ for free, confidential help.”
  • “It’s positive!? You have options. Call _____ for free support and assistance.”
  • “Pregnant? There is free support and assistance available. Call ____ to discuss free services and options.”

3. Create a custom resource guide for your campus. Use SFLA’s survey to identify resources on campus and in the community. By dividing the sections among your group members, you can easily research and confirm details. Then, transfer this information into our customizable resource guide! Guides can then be advertised on your group’s website, distributed on campus, and offered to university departments as a resource for pregnant and parenting students. Find out ways to advertise and distribute your guide here.  (Please email completed surveys and guides to Beth at [email protected].)

4. Distribute pregnancy tests on campus. It sounds awkward at first, but you will be surprised how many students will sneak a free pregnancy test when no one is looking. Ask your local pregnancy resource center (PRC) if they are able to donate tests to your group, or use your group funds to purchase tests from your local pharmacy. Place tests in opaque paper bags. In each bag, include the test, your group informational card (or handout), and information for your local PRC. When tabling, these bags should be placed on the outer corners of the table so that students can grab them without having to obviously reach over a table. For more tips, click here.

5. Host a speaker from a local pregnancy resource center or a friend with a personal testimony. All you need to do is: identify a good speaker, invite the speaker, request a space on campus, advertise your event, and coordinate on the day of the event. This is a great way to introduce local community support to your campus or to provide personal insight on unplanned pregnancies.

6. Do you know parenting students on campus? Offer babysitting services prior to or during exam periods to give young parents time to study without distractions. Items that should be considered when preparing a babysitting program: parental consent form to be signed by parents prior to session, advertisements (e.g. brochures, flyers), First Aid preparation and materials, and CPR training. You may be able to reserve rooms on campus for this effort, or offer your services at the students’ homes. Check out FFL’s sample brochure for more ideas here.

7. Are any of your group members Resident Advisors (RAs)? Host an RA Program for your residents using one of the Pregnant on Campus RA programs. You can choose from such topics as Healthy Relationships, Unplanned Pregnancy Options, Abortion Education, and more! Contact Beth for materials to distribute at your event.

8. Organize a diaper drive! Auburn SFL- Diaper drive- Fall 2013All you need is some simple advertising, a couple of tubs for donations, a decent display, a few willing volunteers, and permission to collect donations on campus. This is a great way to tangibly support young parents in your community. If you want to step up your game, consider hosting a competition between your group and a rival school’s pro-life group.

9. Network with campus administration and staff to create a system of support for pregnant and parenting students. By meeting with different departments (e.g. Health Center, Residence Life), you can learn what services and opportunities are available to pregnant and parenting students. You can offer your group’s resources (e.g. resource guide), and you can find ways to partner with these departments to expand your impact on campus. Read more about expanding partnerships and rhetoric here.

10. Volunteer at your local pregnancy resource center (PRC). Plan a couple hours each month to visit and assist the staff at your local PRC. Whether you are helping out at a fundraiser banquet or sorting their donations, your help will be much appreciated.

There are so many simple and advance projects that you can do on campus! Don’t let money, time, or people limit your potential. Check out other event suggestions here. If you need assistance with your projects, please contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator or Beth at [email protected] for help.