The Campus Resource Guide

Did you know your Students for Life group can be listed as a resource in the Standing With You resource database? Students for Life of America has more than 1,300 student groups working to make abortion unthinkable on their campuses – and every one of them represents life-affirming help for women!


This form is a nationwide effort to unite school communities to better support pregnant and parenting students. We want to give your group the opportunity to promote the resources you provide along with the accommodations and supportive policies your campus provides to pregnant and parenting students on the Standing With You resource database.  

This form has three sections. The first section describes your campus and your group! How can someone contact you? Where is your campus located? What direct assistance does your group provide? The second section gives you an opportunity to share your school’s supportive pregnancy and parenting policies and where someone can find them at your school. The third section discusses your campus resources. For example, does your school have lactation rooms, maternity parking spaces, or diaper changing stations? 

Take your time, do the research, and know that we’re here to help you throughout the way. Filling out this form will ensure no pregnant student will ever feel like they need to choose between their child and their dreams! 

1. There is a Save and Continue button at the BOTTOM of the form, for your convenience.
2. We recommend completing this form on a computer, due to its extensive nature.
3. If you do not receive a link in your email immediately please check your spam/junk mail. 

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