Are You Hurting After Your Abortion?

by Kylie Michieli | May 3, 2024

Every April, we recognize Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. Although April has come and gone, this is a crucial topic that deserves extra attention to the life-changing resources we have on Standing With You

If you’ve had an abortion and don’t know where to go for help, you’re not alone. 82% of women and men impacted by abortion don’t know where to go for healing. It does not matter if you had an abortion yesterday, 30 years ago, or if you’re the father of an aborted child- you need support.  

We can help.   

One of our vetted resources, Support After Abortion, exists with different healing opportunities for men and women, including the following: 

  • They even have a self-guided healing resource. There is a range of ways to address the loss you have experienced and Support After Abortion will assist you to match with the best form of healing for you.  
  • They properly equip and train abortion healing providers to serve you and they have created a 4-Step Encounter Card with helpful tips on how to listen and direct your friend or family member to the proper support. 

Abortion can be a complicated and sensitive topic for anyone involved. Speaking with a trained professional or advocate can bring benefit into your life and prevent other adverse reactions, such as alcohol and marijuana abuse, self-harm, or depression. Freedom from these addictions, deep wounds, and overall distress comes with the time and space to address your experience.  

There are an estimated 22 million Americans who are presently hurting following their abortion experiences and we hope to empower you to receive healing today.  

Along with Support After Abortion, there are over 1,460 resources that we have personally researched and vetted that offer after abortion counseling services across America. There are options and opportunities awaiting your journey towards p