Host a Fun Baby Shower for a Classmate


Baby ShowerWhen a friend or classmate becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she needs all the love and support she can get. Show that you are there for her by throwing a baby shower with all of her friends. She will probably need a lot of things to prepare for the baby, and you can help her get excited for the birth of her child.

A baby shower doesn’t have to be traditional to be fun. Invite the girls and the guys over for a casual baby shower that will show your friend how much you all love and support her and her new baby.

Keeping with Tradition

Adding guys to the list doesn’t really change that much. Items such as the date (6-8 weeks before the due date), location (your apartment or the dorm of the mom-to-be, for example) and food will remain the same. You can also still plan to host 2-3 games during the party. Although the games themselves may be a bit different, you can still expect to spend a good portion of the event ooh-ing and ahh-ing over tiny baby socks and oh-so-soft stuffed animals.

Selecting a Neutral Theme

Forgo the over-the-top baby themes and replace them with something a bit more modern. One theme that can play to both guys and girls is the ever popular “Ready to Pop” which allows for some clever food selections (think popcorn, bubble gum, cake pops and apple cider). Or opt for a casual back yard barbecue — if your inner party planner must match it with a theme, try “A Bun in the Oven and Burgers On the Grill.” Whether you need supplies for a boy baby shower or girl baby shower, focus on items that will appeal to everyone, such as bubble gum cigars and custom soda bottle labels.

Baby Shower OutdoorsInvitations

Resist the urge to cover your invite with pink and lace (especially if the baby is a boy!). Etsy offers some great gender-neutral invitation options, but pick your wording carefully as this sets the tone for the event. Instead of “We are hosting a Jack and Jill Party,” try “Join us for Root Beer and Baby Talk.” Remember to pick a date or time that doesn’t compete with finals or a college championship game!

Game Time

Don’t even think about whipping out the “poopy” candy diaper game or guess how big mommy is. Instead, kick up their competitive nature with a bottle “chugging” contest with juice or soda and diaper changing races. If your party includes guests from various circles, start with this ice breaker: Have guests write down a childhood memory without signing their name. Then, give the memories to the mom-to-be, and have her guess which memory belongs to which guest.

The girls and guys are sure to have a good time regardless! So keep the focus on the mom-to-be, and you are sure to hear nothing but praises from your guests.

For more tips on how to host a successful baby shower, check out our online guide here.


This post was written by Lauren Rose. Lauren Rose is a Content Advocate. She is very passionate about promoting pregnancy resources across communities and college campuses. In college, she experienced first-hand her best friend getting pregnant. Because of that experience, she is committed to helping girls who get pregnant at a young age.