Letters of Support

Auburn SFL- Spread Some JoyPut your thoughts into words, and send them along to someone who needs to know that she is loved! Organizing a letter campaign is a great way to gather your campus community in support of pregnant and parenting students and to show your peers that they are not alone.

You can choose to collect letters for a pregnant (or parenting) student that your group will be supporting, or deliver these letters to your local pregnancy resource center.

Here are some easy steps to make this project a reality!


  1. Pick a date, time, and location to collect letters. Holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day can be great times to schedule this event. You will also want to reserve a tabling space in a high traffic area on campus to ensure that more students have the opportunity to contribute!
  2. Decide on the recipient(s). You may choose to give these letters to a specific pregnant/parenting students, to a local pregnancy resource center (to be given to the moms being supported there), or even to several charities.
  3. Advertise! Post flyers around campus announcing that your group will be collecting letters for pregnant and parenting students (or for moms in need of support). Post reminders on social media (e.g. Facebook), and be sure to personally remind friends to contribute.
  4. Gather your materials. You will need paper, pens or markers, and boxes for students to write their letters on.
  5. Jazz up your table. Create a large poster or banner to identify your table. The poster/banner should be easy to read from a distance. It should be prominently displayed on the front of your table or displayed on an easel on or near the table. You can also decorate the boxes for the letter collection.
  6. Assign your volunteers. Make sure that you have 2-3 group members manning your table throughout the event. These volunteers should be actively encouraging passersby to write a letter, smiling (!), and answering questions as needed.
  7. Deliver your letters. Whether you’ve chosen to give these letters to a particular pregnant/parenting student or you are dropping them off to your local pregnancy resource center, make sure that you have assigned a representative to drop off the letters! You may choose to add a collective letter of support from your group or even a gift.

HELPFUL TIPSAuburn SFL- Boxes of Letters

  • Sometimes it’s hard for students to find the “right words.” Offer a list of suggested phrases, or make a set of cards for students to sign. These cards may read: “Dear Friend,  You are strong. You are beautiful. And you are not alone. You are supported by students on campus (like me!), and we are so proud of your accomplishments! Sincerely, ______”
  • Check your letters before delivering. Some college students can be immature. And we don’t want our young moms receiving nasty or rude letters! Check through the letters and remove any problematic letters.


Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator for copies of the letter templates. Or click the link provided here:


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