Making Change Happen: BU Students For Life


BU Students for Life- 2012Expanding your pregnant and parenting resources can certainly be an intimidating task. You may be afraid that you won’t know what to say when you finally meet a pregnant peer, or maybe you worry about opposition to your pregnancy and parenting support efforts. But taking the leap is worth it, and groups like Boston University Students for Life are courageously accepting this challenge!

Over the past year, Boston University Students for Life (BUSFL) challenge their campus and expand their outreach. These students have created a new website, held peaceful protests in Marsh Plaza, attended the March for Life, and were twice featured in the university’s student newspaper (here and here). Moreover, this group has made special efforts to reach out to inform their peers about pregnant and parenting resources.

“Our hope is to find common ground with others who would be willing to help support college women who don’t know that there is support, and don’t know where to look for it… We are trying so hard to connect with other people, and seek out resources and make them available and make them known as well.” Annie Pierce, BU Students for Life President

In addition to hosting a Pregnancy Resource Forum last Spring, the group worked hard to compile the necessary information for their Pregnant and Parenting Resource Guide. This December, BUSFL President, Annie Pierce, announced that BU Student Health Services added a link to the group’s Pregnant and Parenting Resource Guide on the university’s Health Services Fact Sheets page! This is a great accomplishment that will further expand their outreach on campus and will leave a lasting impact on their school.

Thank you, Boston University Students for Life, for your hard work and persistence!


Has your group completed an awesome pregnancy and/or parenting support project? Let us know, and we will feature you on the Pregnant on Campus website! Email [email protected].