Meals for Moms

Do you know pregnant and parenting students on campus? Or maybe your group wants to sponsor a new service project? “Meals for Moms” is designed to provide prepared meals for pregnant and parenting mothers, especially prior to the baby’s birth and following the weeks they return from the hospital. This is a great way to offer help and ease the stresses of motherhood!

Finding a Family to Help

First things first— Who are we going to make meals for, and how will we find these women? If you are in college, we recommend the following steps:

  • You may already know a pregnant or parenting student on campus. If you know someone on your campus (like a student or a teacher), ask them if they would like this support.
  • Actively advertise on your campus. You can post flyers or social media statuses promoting your effort. You may use phrases such as:
  • Contact a local organization (such as a pregnancy resource center or a church), and inquire about families that you can assist. Explain your program and how you wish to help. They may be able to connect you with an expectant mom or family.
      • Pregnant? Parenting? Let us help you. Call _______, and we will make meals for you and your family!
      • Pregnant? Parenting? We want to make it a bit easier. Contact ______ for FREE meals.”
      • Do you know a mom on campus? Nominate them for our NEW program- Meals for Moms. Contact _______ for more information. All community members welcome: Teachers, staff, classmates, etc.

Are you in high school? Talk to your group advisor to see if this is a viable project for your group. To find moms to help, you may want to consider:

  • Asking your school community if any of the students’ parents are expecting or just had a baby. You can also ask teachers and staff!
  • Contacting local churches, moms groups, or pregnancy resource centers to ask if they would be interested in your group sponsoring some moms in their communities.

Step-by-Step Guide

Now, how do you actually offer “Meals for Moms” as a part of your Pregnant on Campus Initiative (or Building a Better Future program)? Here are the basic steps:

  1. Identify the mom or moms that your group is committed to serving.
  2. Contact them to ask if you may provide a meal for their family.
  3. Ask about a good day for your group to bring the meal(s). Be sure to ask what time is best to drop off the food. You may choose to offer several meals during and/or after the last few weeks of pregnancy, or you can start with one meal.
  4. Ask about any dietary issues (such as allergies or specific diets). If the family has a favorite dish, ask for their recipe or make your own.
  5. Gather a few individuals willing to prepare a series of meals for either the last few weeks of the pregnancy or the first few weeks after pregnancy.
  6. Prepare the meal at one of your members’ apartments or in a student kitchen on campus. If these facilities are unavailable, you may be able to ask the school to access the cafeteria kitchen, or ask your advisor (or a friendly, local professor) if they could offer their kitchen.
  7. Meals may be delivered hot or in containers to store in the refrigerator until the family needs that meal. Ask the mom what she prefers.
  8. Before delivering your meal, call ahead to remind the family that you are coming. Tell them the approximate time of arrival and who will be stopping by. Provide a contact phone number in case they need to reach the delivery team.
  9. Deliver the meals to the family, along with other essential items. You may want to step up your game with a small gift or baby items for the mom(s)!
  10. Follow up with the family throughout the weeks and ask if any essential items are needed.


Meals don’t have to be a culinary masterpiece. Cook what you know, or find a simple recipe. We’ve put together a list of easy recipe ideas that any college student can handle. Talk to your members about the different meals that they know how to make. Together, you can come up with a good selection of meal options for your moms and families.




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