Molly Anne Dutton: Homecoming Queen, Adoption Advocate

by Kristan Hawkins | October 18, 2013
Photo credit: Julie Bennett

Photo credit: Julie Bennett

This week, Miss Molly Anne Dutton was named Auburn’s 100th Homecoming Queen. In the wake of her victory, this young woman has captured hearts across the country, and she is surely changing how many view abortion and adoption.

The Story Behind the Crown

You see, Molly Anne is not your average homecoming queen. Certainly, she displays the beauty and personality of her new title, but it is her story that sets her apart.

22 years ago, Molly Anne’s birthmother was faced with a grave decision- abort your child or get a divorce. Molly Anne’s birthmother was married at the time; however, she had been the victim of a sexual assault. Rather than abort her child, she courageously traveled from California to Alabama, where she then placed Molly Anne for adoption. Molly Anne’s parents were on the board of Lifeline Children’s Services, and they adopted Molly Anne.

Advocating for Pregnancy Resources

Thanks to  the courage of her birthmother and the compassion of her adoptive parents, Molly Anne is here today. Molly Anne’s story is a joyful celebration of life, love, and sacrifice, and she is sharing her story to educate and encourage others. Through her testimony, Molly Anne is inspiring young women to see beyond their circumstances and to reach out for support and resources.

In her campaign video, she says, “Because that resource was made available to my mother, she decided to give birth to me. And here I am talking to you guys 22 years later… If I could accomplish one thing, it would be… if you ever find yourself in a situation, or have a sister, or a cousin, or a best friend [who] is in trouble… there are resources.”

In another interview, Molly Anne affirms the goodness of adoption. “We all go through situations [that] we never expected to find ourselves in. And when it comes to adoption, that is a glorious option.

Call to Action

Our generation needs people like Molly Anne. We need young people who are unafraid to share their stories. We need young people who are courageous, compassionate, and proactive. As a pro-life student on your campus, you have the unique responsibility to both educate your peers and to direct them to resources. You must serve to both protect the life of the child and to actively support the mother. With your help, women on your campus can make the courageous choice for Life in the face of difficult circumstances.

What will you do to help women on your campus? Find out how your student group can become involved in Pregnant on Campus. Contact Beth O’Malley to learn how you can better support women on your campus! News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.