Pregnant Teens and Boarding Schools


Each year, as many as 750,000 teenagers become pregnant. So how does a parent respond when they find out that their young girl is soon to be a mother? Should she drop out of school? Should she continue her education? As you are considering your options, you may wish to consider boarding school as one possible solution to this situation. Whether your child is troubled or is simply in need of additional support, this article offers a compelling argument for this decision.


Timing is important in everything that we do. Timing is important in order to get the best possible results in all our endeavors. Wrong timing means complications, frustrations, and conflicts because there are so many things that are beyond the person’s control. One of the best examples of wrong timing is teenage pregnancy, especially if the girl is still in school. Pregnancy is best suited for adults who are already mature and know how to handle the pressures of life. If a teenager who does not know how to take care of herself gets pregnant in the middle of semester, then it is difficult to imagine how she can take care of another human being, especially someone as frail and as dependent as a baby growing inside her womb.


The emotional impact of confusion, shame, and shock about the situation works together in compelling the teenager to quit school. In some instances, the parents made the decision that their daughter should stop going to school. It may not be the best option available for pregnant teenager. Her parents must realize that it would be better if the pregnant teenager stays in school. However, it is also important to acknowledge that the parent and the pregnant teen may require some time off to reassess the situation and consider the best way forward. In some cases there is a need to transfer to a new school or transfer to a new city to start anew.

If one will consider all the things that need to be sorted out, the alternative solution is to figure out the assistance that could be provided by boarding schools. State-licensed boarding schools could offer intervention programs for those who suffer from the psychological and emotional backlash of teenage pregnancy. Thus, the troubled teenager does not have to deal with all the negative implications of being pregnant at a young age, instead she could avail the benefits of group counseling or individual and family therapy.

It is important to note that boarding schools for pregnant teenagers offer more than solace because these institutions also provide troubled teens access to intervention programs that allow them to learn more about themselves and explain why they were driven to self-destructive behavior. A boarding school is a place where troubled teenagers could develop a better worldview and appreciate the value of their family and friends. It is also imperative to point out that not all boarding schools could provide all the things that a troubled teenager needs. The parents or guardians must know how to choose the best boarding school for the pregnant teenager. For more information on this option, visit The Family Compass.


While boarding school is not for everyone, this may be a potential answer to your particular situation. Discuss you different options with your teenager, and continue your research so that you may determine the best option for your family.


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