Birthright of Valparaiso

Valparaiso, IN

Birthright of Valparaiso
905 1/5 Calumet Avenue, Valparaiso IN
Phone: 219-462-3502

An international organization with multiple locations in Indiana seeking to serve the women there with free pregnancy resources.

Services: Adoption, Childcare, Prenatal care, Referrals, Healthcare, Community Programs, Pregnancy Tests, Material Assistance, 24/7 Support

Hours: W 11am-1pm, F 1pm-4pm

Hotline: 1-800-550-4900
Office: 219-462-3502

Adoption Resources
Clothing / Food Assistance
Maternity Clothes and Baby Items
More Info on Adoption
Other Support
Parenting Classes
Peer-to-Peer Support
Pregnancy Testing
Prenatal and Obstetric Care
Tips for Affordable Childcare