Little Flower Maternity Home

Camille Cisneros

Little Flower Maternity Home
PO Box 270181, Louisville CO
Phone: 720-609-2934

The Little Flower Maternity Home is a home where pregnant mothers over 18, can come and live free of charge from any point in their pregnancy until their baby is 6 months old. The Little Flower is not a hand-out, but rather a hand-up to these homeless mothers in need. Mothers at The Little Flower spend their time saving money and working towards self-sufficiency. Staff members and Volunteers guide and encourage her on her way toward self-sufficiency. This gives her the opportunity to focus on having a safe & healthy pregnancy and to set future goals for her baby and herself. The Little Flower provides a safe, healthy and loving community environment. Mothers can enter the next chapter of their lives, leaving behind unhealthy and unsafe behavior. They are given the tools needed to make a fresh start in their lives. Not only will the mothers give birth to their babies, but they will also give birth to their own “New” life. Basic Qualifications for Mothers: Pregnant, At least 18 years old, Currently Drug and Alcohol free, Free from immediate physical danger, Free from diagnosed severe mental illness, Without other children in her care.