New Life Adoptions

Camille Cisneros

New Life Adoptions
11439 Spring Cypress Rd, Building C, Tomball TX
Phone: (281) 955-1001

New Life Adoptions mission statement is “to give hope and offer choice as we empower pregnant women to make the best life-affirming decisions for themselves and their babies.” All services are free of charge.

Services included in your adoption plan: Pre/Post Adoption Counseling; Choosing a Family for Your Child; Making a Hospital Plan; Ongoing Practical Support; Housing Referrals; Transportation Assistance; Medical Service Referrals; Legal Resources
Counseling Services: Parenting vs. Adoption Agency; Adoption vs. Private Adoption; Grief and Loss; Legal Issues
Other services: Monthly Support Group for Birth Families; Post Adoption Services & Support
*Hours by appointment only