Purdue University Pregnancy Help

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Boilermakers for Life supports pregnant and parenting students on campus through activism, service, education, and dialogue, and by peer-to-peer support.

Pregnant and Parenting Students Policy: Each department has their own policy.

  • Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering: p. 25/Section 7; Department of Anthropology: p. 5, 32, 120; Department of Ecological Sciences & Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Program: p. 28; Department of Purdue University Life Science Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (PULSe): p. 20, 22.

Parenting Leave Student Policy

Scholarships for Parenting Students:

Lactation Rooms: there are over 40 spaces on campus equipped with electrical outlet, milk storage refrigerator, privacy, and a lockable door.

Diaper Changing Stations