Transitional Housing

New York, NY

5 Penn Plaza 23rd FL | New York | NY | 10001

After undergoing detox and a residential treatment program for a substance abuse disorder, many require continued assistance in their efforts to regain economic self-sufficiency and independence. Transitional housing, often referred to as sober living, is the next step in the process of transitioning from a residential treatment program back into society. Transitional housing is intended for individuals and families who are in recovery and require further assistance before living independently on their own.

For many recovering addicts, homelessness is a major concern. Addiction, mental illness and other crisis are often to blame for financial instability that leads to homelessness. In some cases, a recovering addict may have a home to go to, but if there are other addicts living in the home, recovery can quickly be derailed and relapse is likely to occur. Transitional housing provides a safe, semi-controlled environment for individuals in recovery to continue working toward the ultimate goal of becoming independent once again.