University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Pregnancy Help

Stevens Point, WI

2100 Main St. | Stevens Point | WI | 53022

Peer-to-Peer Support Group: Students For Life at UWSP work to bring awareness to pregnancy resources and provide support to pregnant and parenting students. They coordinate with departments on campus to advocate for resources, rights, and accommodations. Find contact information below.

Lactation Rooms: equipped with electrical outlet, lockable door, and privacy.

Diaper Changing Stations:

  • Chemistry/Biology Building (located in women’s bathrooms)
  • Dreyfus University Center (located in women’s bathrooms)

Maternity Parking:

  • Students should contact the Office of the Dean of Students (phone: 715-346-2611 and email: [email protected]) and Disability and Assistive Technology Center (phone: 715-346-3365 and email: [email protected]) to request a parking permit.