Standing With Her through Pro-Woman Policy Work

Student Government and Standing With You

Are you in college? Want to Stand With Her on campus by advocating for policies that support pregnant and parenting students?

We can help you work with your Student Government (or even run for a Student Government position yourself) to advance campus policies which we know save lives and provide support. Women are so strong, but everyone needs a helping hand and a word of hope sometimes. You can empower parents to finish school and embrace their children.

We have seen students successfully put a stop to pregnancy discrimination in campus housing, secure additional resources like diaper decks and lactation spaces on campus, and raise awareness of Title IX rights for pregnant students.

If you’re interested in advocating for pregnant and parenting students, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) would like to support you in your efforts. SFLAction can potentially help you with your race, share policies to advocate for, and walk you through bringing awareness to student concerns by passing resolutions. This is a powerful opportunity to do good while building a resume that shows your commitment and ability to execute real change and impact.

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Empowering Pregnant and Parenting Students through Federal Legislation

Over the past year, Students for Life Action has communicated with various Senate and House offices on Capitol Hill, advocating for the needs of pregnant and parenting students. When young women in college unexpectedly find themselves pregnant, they are usually unaware of their rights on campus and the life-affirming resources available in their community.

This leads many women to either drop out of college or have an abortion, even if they don’t want to. The rights of pregnant students may also be infringed by faculty who are uneducated about the Title IX provisions related to pregnant and parenting students. That’s why we’ve educated federal legislators about the urgent need to introduce legislation that will require federally funded college campuses to comply with and increase awareness of the Title IX rights of pregnant students and the resources available to them. Keep checking back here for news on this legislative initiative!