The Importance of Working With Pregnancy Resource Centers

by Kristan Hawkins | October 23, 2013

Lauren (Lo) MartinezI am often asked what are the most important things that I emphasize to pro-life students and groups in the region. At the top of my list each time is forming personal relationships with local Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). I say this because the PRCs are those who are working directly with women and men who need ministering, resources, and support. They are the networks who are often most closely linked towards influencing those uncertain about their pregnancy. It is because of that reason I urge students to contact the pregnancy resource centers to get to know the workers personally.

As pro-life leaders it is so important that you take every opportunity to help support those experiencing a pregnancy in your local area. When someone walks up to you or finds you on campus, knowing you’re the pro-life student leader, it makes a difference whether or not you just hand them a PRC’s card or if you tell them to go see someone you know specifically at this PRC. They might feel a higher level of trust and comfort by you having invested the time to build a relationship with an organization you know can and will help them during their time of need.

Placing the women and men who are in a pregnancy situation at the front of your concern, you are showing them that you deeply care for them as individuals, and not just for the pregnancy. Yes, that does make a difference. Having traveled throughout the region and met many different PRCs, they not only support  your efforts at your school, but they also want to help you with accomplishing your vision for providing the best, most loving support for pregnant and parenting students.

By simply knowing someone at the local PRC, being familiar with the services that they offer, where they are located, and understanding their unique mission you are able to better improve your school! While there may be many or few PRCs in your area it is worthwhile to partner with at least one of them, invite them to your events and volunteer at their events. It may even become a regular outreach as a part of your group’s mission each semester to find a way to share resources between a PRC and the group.

If you need help identifying or getting in touch with a local Pregnancy Resource Center please don’t hesitate to contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator for assistance. Your SFLA Regional Coordinator is always here to support you and your pro-life student group. To find out more ways to make your community and school friendlier to pregnant and parenting students, check out our “Things You Can Do” page, or contact our Pregnant on Campus Coordinator.

Lauren (Lo) Martinez is a graduate of Regis University, and currently, she serves as SFLA’s Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator. If you need assistance with your pro-life student group, please contact your Regional Coordinator. Find your Regional Coordinator here.