Host a Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is an excellent way to support women in your community while also having a great time! The event will certainly show your peer that she is loved and supported, and it will joyfully celebrate her choice for life.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Pick your recipient. Is this for a student or faculty member on campus? Is this for clients of the local pregnancy resource center? Or is this a community event, where your school is invited to have fun and donate to the local pregnancy resource center?
    • If for the client(s) of a local PRC… Contact your local Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), introduce yourself. Explain your intentions to host the baby shower and your initial ideas. Ask what materials their clients need and if they would like to participate.
    • If for a student (or students) on campus… Ask their permission before you start organizing. Ask if they already have a baby gift registry, or if they could provide a list of items and brands they would like.
  2. Find a location on campus that is big enough to host a baby shower, and reserve it.
  3. Advertise. Post an event on Facebook, and invite everyone you know on campus to come. It is also a good idea to put small flyers in every student’s mailbox (if possible), or to send a school-wide email. Flyers can be posted throughout the dorms, on message boards, etc. Make sure to include what the PRC or student requested in your advertisements.
  4. Plan activities for the shower. There are many free games you can print out online. You can easily make a baby guessing chart (including name, weight, birth date, hair color), decorate onesies, write funny messages on diapers, or pass around index cards for everyone to contribute “words of wisdom” or a message of encouragement.
    1. For more game ideas, check out: 12 Genuinely Fun Baby Shower Games and  Top 20 Baby Shower Games
  5. Talk to a local florist, and ask if they would be willing to donate flowers for table centerpieces that could also be used as prizes.
  6. Contact a local bakery, and ask if they would be willing to donate baked goods. If not, make a sign-up sheet and have people volunteer to bake things and bring finger food.
  7. Collect donations, or make a group gift. You may ask each participant to bring a pack of diapers, or decide to collectively pitch in for bigger items. Show this mom (or moms!) how much your group cares. See some gift suggestions here.
  8. Decorate. Decorations don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Have fun with it! You can use balloons, streamers, or even a fun diaper cake. Try a local Dollar Store or Walmart for inexpensive items.
  9. Designate roles. Assign volunteers to set up and clean up. You may want someone to be your “MC” or host. They would help make smooth transitions between games, presents, and treats.
  10.  Have your baby shower! Enjoy the shower, clean up.
  11. Set a date to drop off donations to the local PRC.
  12. Write thank you notes to any volunteers or local businesses who helped with the shower.

Check out CSUF Students for Life‘s Spring 2017 baby shower for inspiration!


Click on the images to download and print these flyers!

*To print, download the image, select Print, and select "Full Page Image" and "Fit Picture to Frame"
*To print, download the image, select Print, and select "Full Page Image" and "Fit Picture to Frame"

*To print, download the image, select Print, and select “Full Page Image” and “Fit Picture to Frame”


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