Be the Revolution


Be the RevolutionAs an active pro-life student group, you have the ability to educate your peers about abortion and about the resources available to them to make a life-affirming decision. With your participation in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, you may become one of the few student advocates on campus offering tangible resources for pregnant and parenting students. Your group may even be the only ones challenging your campus to change policies, provide resources, and support pregnant and parenting students in their journey to achieve a college degree.

There are endless opportunities available for you to organize projects- simple and advanced– to transform your campus. However, it is up to you to be the driving force behind change. Real change doesn’t happen by sitting behind a table with a sign that says- “Students for Life.” Real change happens when you actively challenge your campus and your community to provide the resources and support that a young woman needs to embrace her new motherhood and continue her college education.

Here is what Kristan Hawkins has to say about being the revolution on your campus:

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