Congratulations to our Spring SWY Groups of the Month!

by Stephanie Stone | July 9, 2024

We are excited to announce our end-of-year Standing With You Groups of the Month: SUNY Ulster Students for Life (SUNY Ulster SFL) at SUNY Ulster and Present Hope at Seattle Pacific University. 

SUNY Ulster Students for Life 

Along with their regular yearly activities and campus tabling with our Standing With You tabletop, the group has been engaged in several other ways to support pregnant and parenting students. 

SUNY Ulster SFL hosted a baby item drive on campus and organized a ton of donations. From there, they visited their local Pregnancy Help Center to deliver the items for women in need directly in their community. 

In addition, the group has been promoting a New York state pregnant and parenting students scholarship through flyering and tabling, ensuring pregnant and parenting students and their peers knew about the opportunity! Women in need don’t know where to turn for help, so raising awareness for these opportunities is life changing. Student groups like SUNY Ulster SFL are truly making a difference. 

We are so proud to work with groups like SUNY Ulster SFL, and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish next on campus! 

SUNY Ulster Group tabling with SWY materials

Present Hope at Seattle Pacific University 

In March, the group traveled to the University of Washington to attend Kristan Hawkins’ speaking tour. This event was highly protested, so their peaceful and respectful presence encouraged Kristan’s speech and Q&A.  

With May being the month to celebrate motherhood, they had a Mother’s Day tabling event on campus to fundraise for the Standing With You Item Drive. It was a success, not only in fundraising, but also in sparking conversations with students in different walks of life. One student shared, “We had many people feel drawn to help! I think it taught the group that at the core of the pro-life movement we are called selfless and sacrificial love, to help our neighbors. As soon as we told people the money was going to mothers in need their guard when immediately down and we had talks about Mother’s Day plans and good small talk.”  

Present Hope tabling with SWY resources

Thank you for your openness to show up in your community and on campus by having vulnerable and life-giving conversations! 

With the spring 2024 semester ended and summer starting, we hope all students can continue serving their local pregnancy help center and women in their community.