Easy Recipes for College Students

Maintaining a health diet while pregnant can seem a bit challenging while in college. Maybe your school cafeteria lacks healthy options, or you simply can’t stand the smells of the cafe. (Yay, morning sickness!) Whatever your story, you have to eat. A good diet helps ensure that you are getting all the right nutrients to stay energized and to support your growing little one. As tempting as it is to live off of a diet of ice cream and random cravings, your body needs balance. Here are some easy recipes that even the most kitchen-fearing college student can handle.

TIP: Student groups are encouraged to use these recipes for a “Meals for Moms” group activity.

No Bake Snacks

Trail Mix- Energy Balls

Image Credit: Chef-In-Training.com

Energy balls are great because they are packed with protein and super easy to make. Plus, they are the perfect sized snack when it feels like you can’t eat anything. Mix and match recipes to find ingredients that you like best.

Trail mix is quick to make and easy to carry around if you need a little pick me up. Make a bunch over the weekend, and create little baggies of mix for each day of the week.

Easy Meals

Quick, easy dinners are a lifesaver. If you have some free time on the weekend, you can always make several meals, and refrigerate or freeze to use throughout the week. As noted above, student groups are encouraged to use these recipes for a “Meals for Moms” group activity.



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