Enough with the Talk! Get out and CHALK.

by Kristan Hawkins | August 27, 2014

IMG_2195Summer is over. Enough with the meetings and chit chat. Time for some action! 

This September, Students for Life of America (SFLA) is challenging you to get out and CHALK. You can use this style of activism for all sorts of pro-life educational messaging, but let’s not forget your pregnancy resources! Chalking is a great, easy way to show your support of your pregnant and parenting peers and to advertise pregnancy resources.

Words that Matter

Chalk messages should be boldly, clearly drawn so that they can be easily read by passing students. If you are unsure about what to write, here are some suggestions for positive outreach on your college campus:

  • Pregnant? You are not alone. Call __________
  • Pregnant? (Your group’s name) supports you!
  • Pro-Woman, Pro-Baby, Pro-Life
  • Pregnant? Parenting? We can help! Learn more at _website_
  • Love > Judgement
  • (Your group’s name) loves and supports pregnant and parenting students.

Don’t limit yourself to words. Get creative with your art to grab the attention of your peers.

  • Draw a trail of baby feet leading to your pregnancy resources table or to a Pregnant on Campus Initiative display.
  • Chalk the words “FREE Pregnancy Tests!” with an arrow pointing towards your group’s pregnancy resources table.
  • Draw a silhouette of a pregnant student surrounded by the phrases “You are strong, “You are beautiful,” and “You are not alone.”
  • Feeling artsy? Frame your positive messages with images like Molly the Riveter or  the Pregnant on Campus logo.

Step up your game

Activism is meant to be noticed! Go big– or go home. Here are some tips to make a big impact:

  • Get the goods.  Why buy supplies when you can get them for free? Contact SFLA for your FREE chalking kit. Email [email protected] for more information.
  • Get noticed. Divide your group into teams, and designate each team to a different area of campus. Or pick a different spot each night for a week. The more places that you chalk, the more likely your message will be noticed and responded to.
  • Get competitive. Take pictures of your chalky creations, and post them on social media with #sflachalkitup. (Enter to win awesome Rock for Life. Details here.)

You know what to do. Get out and CHALK!

Note: Chalking can be done on any public sidewalk. Chalk messages are within our First Amendment free speech rights. They do not qualify as vandalism because chalk is easily removed and poses no long-term or serious damage (as proved in such cases as this 2013 MN case). If you run into any issues with administration or fellow students, please contact Students for Life of America (SFLA) at [email protected]


This post has been contributed by Beth Rahal, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. If your group is interested in expanding pregnancy resources on your college campus, contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator or Beth Rahal to get involved in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative.