Celebrate Women Flower Event

There’s something sweet and lovely about flowers. Even if you’re not a flower-type of girl, receiving flowers is typically a flattering and welcome gesture.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Pick a date, time, and location to hand out your flowers. You may want to pick a holiday like International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, or choose the afternoon of a campus dance. Select a location where there will be good foot traffic– like on a main university walkway or outside the Student Union.
  2. Reserve a table. Contact your Student Activities office to fill out paperwork for event approval and to reserve a table.
  3. Check your finances. You may need to purchase the flowers with your own group funds. Your school may also allow you to request funds through SGA for your event. You can also fundraise by asking acquaintances or local businesses and churches for support, or ask a local floral shop if they would be willing to donate flowers for your event.
  4. Gather ye rosebuds! Pick a flower that your club can afford– like carnations. You may need as many as 300 to hand out. You will need to pick them no earlier than the night to make sure that they are still fresh and lovely.
  5. Create handouts or info tags. You can create a handout about your Pregnant on Campus Initiative with an affirmative message for women on your campus. Or make tags with a positive message (You are strong, You are loved, You are not alone, You are beautiful) and the PregnantOnCampus.org website.
  6. Collect your pregnancy and parenting resources materials. It is always helpful to have your resources materials (e.g. pregnancy resource center brochures) available so that you can tell students about available pregnancy and parenting support.
  7. Advertise! Make flyers and post them 1 week before your event. Flyers should say something like– “Students for Life supports women on our campus. Let us celebrate you! FREE Flowers. Date, Time, Location.” You should also create a poster or banner to put on the front of your table.
  8. Host your event. Make sure that you have at least 2 members at your table throughout the event. Encourage women and men to come get flowers. The ladies can get one for themselves, and the gentlemen can get one for a lady friend. Be sure to tell students that you are with the Students for Life club!

Need a little inspiration? Check out these gorgeous photos from Messiah Right to Life’s carnation handout (Spring 2015).


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