How One Pro-Life Group Helped Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

by Caroline Wharton | May 19, 2022

In honor of Mother’s Day this month, the members of the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities (CAFC) group in Chapel Hill, North Carolina gathered to pack Mother’s Day gift bags for expecting mothers who are staying at Room At The Inn

Room At The Inn is a nonprofit, state-licensed maternity home which provides not only a place to stay for pregnant women who are dealing with homelessness but also assistance in finding jobs, housing, and childcare for after their child is born. Room At The Inn strives to offer single mothers in need opportunities to have new lives filled with happiness and healthy, hope-filled independence.  

Supporting this maternity home’s mission is part of protecting life in service, and that’s why the Chapel Hill CAFC group packaged two dozen gift bags to be delivered to the women currently at the maternity home on Mother’s Day. Each bag was filled with self-care items such as lotion, stationary, and socks, in addition to a life-affirming, handwritten card from one of the group members. 

The group had wanted to purchase gifts that the expecting mothers would both need and enjoy, and that may not be donated as often as items such as diapers. With Mother’s Day this month, the group wanted to do something special for the courageous women who were choosing life for their child despite the difficult circumstances they found themselves in.  

The Chapel Hill CAFC group was so excited to partner with and serve Room At The Inn, as this maternity home empowers single women in the most difficult of circumstances. As part of the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, the group is also working with their local pregnancy resource centers and Students for Life of America’s own initiative, Standing With You, to ensure that women in the Chapel Hill community never feel alone when facing a crisis pregnancy—and especially on this Mother’s Day, that every mother in Chapel Hill, North Carolina felt loved and supported in her parenting journey.  

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