Poll: 3 in 5 College Students Don’t Know Where to Turn in Unplanned Pregnancy


In a recent poll commissioned by SFLA, we found that fewer than two in five college aged adults knew where they could turn to for support should they or someone close to them decide against an abortion.  Even among women, who would presumably pay more attention to this sort of information, less than half know where to turn for support.   Young, pregnant women cannot choose life if they lack the basic direction and information as to ALL of their “choices.” Notably in this poll, Pro-Choice youth are less likely to know where to go making abortion a more likely choice for them in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.

Not only do people not know where to go to or support – we also know that PP targets college aged women and in this poll – 48% – said they did not know or could not judge whether Planned Parenthood clinics offered abortions to pregnant women. The fact that there is a Planned Parenthood within 5 miles of over 80 percent of ALL college campuses nationwide – is alarming.  We know that PP is targeting these women and if women in crisis pregnancies and their friends – do not know where to turn to for help  – it is more likely that they will end up in a Planned Parenthood than somewhere that can offer them true help, support and hope.

How do you know women are getting pregnant on campus? Let’s look at another fact.   According to the most recent study by the Center for Disease Control, approximately 79.5% of college students (aged 18-24) have reported to have had sexual intercourse. Also, we know that while most of these students are using contraception – these women are at the most fertile time in their life – and say we use normal contraceptive failure rates and all students are using contraception – at least 2.2 % of these students are getting pregnant.

That may not sound like an alarming number of college students getting pregnant. However, lets break this down a bit. Breaking the statistics down further, if there are 8100 students on any given campus, with almost 80% engaging in sexual intercourse and 2.2% getting pregnant, then according to those statistics, around 142 students become pregnant each year. That is more than a handful of students. If all 142 students decided to keep their child then colleges would have to create a center primarily for pregnant and parenting students. Students are still engaging in sexual intercourse and the majority of pregnant women in college are having abortions.

It is important that we are creating resources and advertising them on campus, so those that find themselves in unplanned pregnancies know where to turn to for help! We have created new flyers to help you advertise the resources you have on campus here and a new guide about how to work with your PRC to give out free pregnancy tests on campus here.