Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

Camille Cisneros

Lowcountry Pregnancy Center
7481 Northside Drive, Suites B & C, North Charleston SC
Website: https://lowcountrypregnancycenter.com/
Phone: (843) 553-3505

Lowcountry Pregnancy Center (LPC) is a free Medical Pregnancy Center in North Charleston. We offer sexual health and pregnancy-related services at no cost to you. If you think you’re pregnant or you’re considering abortion, our medical staff and client advocates are here to help.

Services: Pregnancy Testing; Viability Ultrasound; Options Counseling; Abortion Information; STI Testing; Parenting Classes; Unplanned Pregnancy Help for Men; Support After Abortion

M-Th 9am-5pm
F 8am-3pm (phone consults only)