APPLY: Standing With You Retreat August 6th – 7th

by Brenna Lewis | June 7, 2021

Standing With You exists to equip student leaders with the tools they need to empower pregnant and parenting students with support, resources, and an understanding of their rights on campus and in the community. This retreat pulls all parts of this mission into one fun weekend!  

If you’ve always wanted to learn firsthand how to empower women to choose life and live in or near one of our Pro-Life Future Campaign cities, this is the retreat for you. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll learn different methods of Supportive Services activism on campus and in the community. You’ll learn why it is essential to ensure that life-affirming resources are promoted through your efforts and how they save lives. You’ll hear from national speakers about advertising effectiveness, sidewalk counseling, and Support After Abortion, all while spending a fun weekend with pro-life friends in your area. The weekend will conclude with National Pro-Life Gen Sidewalk Day. 

Please read the following Statement of Professionalism prior to applying. 

Statement of Professionalism 

  • I will not engage in violent or aggressive behavior towards organizations or people who support abortion. 
  • I will always treat others with respect and convey a loving attitude when discussing abortion, even when facing aggressive or hostile treatment in return. 
  • I will always consider what I post on social media platforms and be respectful in the words I choose. I will not post inappropriate images of myself or others. 
  • I will not criticize pro-life organizations publicly. Instead, I will help the Pro-Life Movement strive for unity.