TAKE ACTION on your campus


At the 2015 Students for Life of America East Coast National Conference, the Pregnant on Campus presentation (entitled “Bringing Truth, Hope, and Light to Your Campus”) featured a panel of pregnancy and parenting resource experts to discuss how pro-life student groups can better support students on college campuses. The panel brought together Peggy Hartshorn (Heartbeat International), Sally Winn (Feminists for Life), and Beth Rahal (Students for Life of America) to offer their experiences and expertise on supporting post-abortive, pregnant, and parenting students.

Watch the panel here

Take Action

As a pro-life student leaders, you are called to action! You are called to step up and provide the answers and solutions that your peers need to embrace life-affirming pregnancy decisions. If you want to empower young women to choose life, you must:

  • Educate your peers about pregnancy, abortion risks, pregnancy options, and life-affirming resources.
  • Advocate for your pregnant and parenting peers on campus.
  • Show your peers that you care about them and their unique story.
  • Offer compassionate, non-judgmental support.
  • Bring resources to campus, advertise resources, and network with the community.

Learn more about what you can do here: https://standingwithyou.org/what-you-can-do/

For more information about how your student group can get involved in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, contact Beth at [email protected]