Tulane Students for Life: Rising to the Challenge


Opposition on campus is tough to overcome. However, pro-life students are confident in the great impact of their education and resources. They rise above the challenges of their campus to meet the needs of women and families in their community.

Meet Tulane Students for Life.

Tulane SFLDefending life-affirming options for women is no easy task on the Tulane campus. Time and time again, Tulane has proven to be a hostile campus concerning pro-life matters. After chalking the campus with pro-life messages, the group returned to find pro-choice messages surrounding their chalk display. Twice, others have attempted to stop the group from chalking. Complaints stemming from a school newspaper article even went so far as the Huffington Post and local news. A conference entitled “Don’t Chalk About It, Talk About It” was organized to discourage the group’s chalking.

Rising above their critics

Despite the opposition, many students are willing to dialogue with Tulane Students for Life. Megan Alfonso, Tulane SFL President, says, “Those who are also pro-life on campus seem to have a sense of relief and encouragement when they see us, knowing that there are others who share their view on campus.” When I asked Megan what was the most fulfilling project this year, she confidently affirmed that tabling. “Tabling on campus has been the most fulfilling project this past year. We set up a table and a sign saying “Should abortion remain legal” with yes and no sides. The dialogue that we engage in with these students is so fulfilling because we are able to share truth about life and the dignity of the unborn as well as get to know and understand people who have differing views.”

Education AND resources

Moreover, these students know that being pro-life expands beyond education. You need to provide real solutions for women in unplanned pregnancies. For this reason, Tulane Students for Life offers information about pregnancy resources whenever they table. “Pregnancy resources are so important on a college campus because they spread awareness to women that there are people who will support them and their decision to choose life. They allow women to make an informed choice and not feel like they have to choose abortion due to a lack of resources.”

Tulane Students for Life does more than tabling! The group had a team in the Born to Run 5K Run/Walk, an event held by the Women’s New Life Center to raise funds for their efforts to assist women in unplanned pregnancies. The group also hosted Feminists for Life President, Serrin Foster. After Serrin’s talk, the students began discussions with her about hosting a pregnancy resource forum in the future.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Tulane Students for Life are hosting a baby shower for women in crisis pregnancy situations throughout New Orleans– and they need your help! The students will be supporting 6 mothers (and possibly more). Currently, they are fundraising to buy items for these women. Much needed items include clothing, diapers, strollers, formula, and toys. Many of these women are living in local maternity homes, and they will most likely not have a baby shower of their own. Will you help Tulane Students for Life create a special event for these women?

The group needs $600 to meet their goal. Will you join this effort? 

Click here to offer your support. Thank you in advance for your support!


This post was contributed by Beth O’Malley, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. To learn about Pregnant on Campus and to join the Initiative, email Beth at [email protected]. With Beth’s help, your group can help women in your community!