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Claire: One Year Later

by Brenna Lewis | August 15, 2016
A year ago, Claire Crawford was experiencing one of the scariest, most challenging moments of her life. She was a pregnant student not sure of what to do or where to get help. At 5 months pregnant, she had lost her 2 jobs and dropped out of college. At 7 months, she left a bad relationship. Claire had no idea what
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Pregnant Student Stories
You're Not Alone

Ashlee’s Story: You Are Not Alone

by Kristan Hawkins | February 12, 2013
In her junior year of college, Ashlee Bush found out that she was pregnant with Anna Mae.  At 21-years-old, Ashlee was already making plans for her future, and being pregnant was the last thing that she expected. Maybe you are going through a similar situation- or you know a friend who is. Either way, remember that you are not alone.
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