Break Up with Planned Parenthood this Valentine’s Day

by Christina Fioretto | February 12, 2024

As Valentine’s Day creeps up, love is practically oozing from every corner. Now, let’s talk partners. You want to find someone who’s the real deal – trustworthy, genuinely cares about you, and has zero ulterior motives. It’s all about being with someone on the same wavelength and creating a connection built on respect and openness. And hey, this wisdom isn’t just for romantic gigs; your healthcare provider should also get in on the action. After all, your well-being deserves the A-team treatment! 
What if I told you that the boyfriend you’re seeing will one day pressure you to have sex, won’t support you as a mother when you get pregnant, and ultimately never care about you? That he just saw you as another number to his body count? You would break up with him, right? What if I told you all this was the same mentality your healthcare provider has towards you?  
If you are a Planned Parenthood customer or supporter, you might not realize that your relationship is on shaky ground. I hate to break the news to you, but he — I mean Planned Parenthood — has some dirty little secrets that they aren’t telling you and it’s time to reassess that relationship.

Here’s the tea.  
1. Planned Parenthood Pressures You to Have Sex: Monica Cline shared her experience as a former Planned Parenthood Sex Educator on The Allie Beth Stucky Show.  Monica was instructed by Planned Parenthood’s program never to suggest abstinence as an option to children because they would feel judged by the idea. She said that girls as young as ten would come to Planned Parenthood for birth control and abortions without any investigation to see if they were in harmful relationships. Planned Parenthood doesn’t care if an adult takes advantage of a young girl. They just wanted her money and then sent her on her way. Monica also shared that during Sex Ed classes, she was instructed to teach girls in middle school how to have sex with a condom “more erotic” – yikes!  

Planned Parenthood also created a Comprehensive Sexuality Education Handout for youth that says it is a minor’s right “to enjoy sex.” By normalizing sex outside of committed relationships, Planned Parenthood is creating a culture that confuses and hurts young women who might not otherwise want to. A good healthcare provider should instead have a more dynamic approach to sex education that encourages healthy relationships. 
2. Planned Parenthood won’t support you as a mother: It’s funny that the word “parenthood” is in their name seeing that they don’t have any parenting resources. If you are pregnant and go to Planned Parenthood looking for care, the only thing that they can offer you is an abortion. They don’t have any prenatal care, financial assistance programs, parenting resources, or anything that would be remotely helpful to empower you as a mother. Sounds an awful lot like a deadbeat dad to me.  

3. You are just a number to Planned Parenthood: Abortion is the money maker at Planned Parenthood, and they are no exception to the popular business model to sell what brings in the most money. Former Planned Parenthood directors Abby Johnson and Sue Thayer confirm that they had to meet annual abortion quotas, contrasting sharply with the absence of goals for adoption referrals or parenting resources. The Aurora Planned Parenthood in Colorado was even given an award for exceeding its abortion quota.  

When profit becomes someone’s primary motive, can you trust them to guide you through a pregnancy decision?  
So you want to break up with Planned Parenthood? We don’t blame you. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you stranded during this breakup.  

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