Do I Just Have Bad Luck?  

by Kylie Michieli | March 17, 2023

Rainbows have always been the iconic symbol of blessings, good luck, and new beginnings. 

After the biblical worldwide flood featuring Noah’s Ark, a rainbow appeared to signal that the disaster was over. When St. Patrick made all the snakes in Ireland vanish according to legend, it is said a rainbow popped up, as well. When we experience storms today, we often enjoy the view of a beautiful rainbow in the sky after the worst has passed.  

Rainbows come and illuminate the darkness. This “luck of the Irish” symbol is not only for historical and mythical stories of hope and redemption. The presence of a rainbow also represents your life today and how a few small decisions can lead to blessings and good luck. 

Life as a pregnant or parenting mother can often feel like one storm after another with no sight of new beginnings. Between sickness, cleaning, working, studying, and bedtime routines, the list of duties — which can seem so overwhelming — goes on. It can feel like the storm has come and stayed with no rainbow in sight. 

While this drowning feeling is real and valid, it’s not where you have to remain; it doesn’t have to last forever. Here are three practical tips for finding your way out of these situations: 

Evaluate Your Situation  

What does your average day look like, and how much of the day is in your control? Mealtimes, your attitude, what you will wear, perhaps what time you go to bed or wake up — ask yourself, are these decisions working for you? Be honest.  

Dinner could maybe be an easier recipe or meal prepped over the weekend. The kitchen could perhaps be cleaned, and your bag packed the night before. You could choose to stay calm when you get stuck in traffic, listening to music instead of stressing. 

There are many ways we can make our lives easier — so evaluate your situation and choose one new habit a week to help yourself out.  

Be Kind to Yourself 

Now that we’ve discussed what you can do with what you control, how much of your day is not in your control? 

For example, the time that your class is scheduled, the fact that your child will not stop crying in the car, or the sciatic nerve pain you have been experiencing your entire pregnancy. These are things that may be predictable, but they are not something worth beating yourself up about because you cannot change them. You are doing your best with what you can change so don’t blame yourself when these less-than-ideal but unavoidable situations arise. 

You deserve the mental rest from unrealistic expectations that you will be able to change everything. Write the phrase “Be Kind to Yourself” on some sticky notes and put them in the places you tend to get the most agitated — read them when you need to and give yourself kindness and understanding today.  

Find Local Support 

We are here to let you know that despite the difficulty and loneliness you may be experiencing, we are with you on this journey. There are people right in your community and across the nation who are working to bring relief to your burdens. They can provide the blessings and good luck you may need. 

We encourage you to use the resources we have personally researched and vetted for you, listed on This is the first step to finding places near you that can be a rainbow in your life.  

Know this: you are not someone with bad luck or no blessings to count in your life. We know this struggle will not disappear immediately like a rainy day, but we want you to know that we are here — standing with you and leading you to the people in your community who can make the “luck of the Irish” a reality in your life.